Thank you to everyone who made our 39th Annual Conference a success

Our 39th Annual Professional Development Conference, “The Evolving Demand for ADR,” was a huge success! We wanted this conference program to be propulsive, forward-thinking, and even a little bit provocative. We wanted to showcase some of the most punctuated topics in the ADR Landscape today and bring on board speakers who have specialized in those

Embracing 2024: The Year of Focus, Action and Results!

Dear ADRIO Members and Conflict Resolution Enthusiasts, Happy New Year and warm greetings! Wishing you all good health, peace, and prosperity for 2024!  “If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl; but by all means, keep moving.”   As we settle into 2024, this quote from Dr. Martin Luther

The Influence of Geopolitics in ADR and Diversity in Canada

This post is written by Regina Thompson LLM (ADR), C.Med, Mediator, Advisor, Trainer, Educator, practicing in Human Rights-Workplace, Family, Child Protection, Civil, and Community. Introduction Geopolitics – international relations influenced by geographical factors[1] play a critical role in conflict management within the context of official multiculturalism. The ranking of importance of nations to Canada is determined

Recap: “The Stories ADR Professionals Tell: Challenges, Opportunities, and Tips and Techniques for Success” (Part 1/3)

This post is written by Mary Korica, an independent writer, speechwriter and editor with a long-standing interest in dispute resolution. She can be reached through Guest Speakers: Christine Kilby (Mediator) and the Honourable Todd L. Archibald (Mediator, Arbitrator, Retired Justice) Moderator: Marvin Huberman (Mediator, Arbitrator, Investigator, Adjudicator) On September 26, 2023, the ADR Institute of Ontario (“ADRIO”) held

Rough Water Navigated Through Ontario’s Leadership at National Conference

ADRIC Updateby Marc Bhalla, LL.M., C.Med, C.Arb(Ontario’s elected representative to the Board of Directors of the ADR Institute of Canada) On November 2nd and 3rd 2023, the ADR Institute of Canada hosted its 49th annual AGM and Conference. The latest iteration of the national conference took place in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. Themed as “Navigating

Introduction to Arbitration for Mediators

Mediation and arbitration are distinct processes. Many practitioners do both. Increasingly, established arbitrators delve into the facilitation of mediation; for aspiring and established mediators, arbitration can offer the prospect of service expansion, too. This interactive program offers practical perspective into leveraging mediation skills to excel at decision making. It will help mediators consider expanding their

Advanced Workplace Restoration and Workplace Fairness Assessments

Back by Popular Request. 20 Seats Only. This advanced two-part seminar covers workplace assessments and restoration. We take a look at workplaces from a broad and proactive perspective. We provide you with two important workplace assessment models: Fairness Assessments and Health Assessments. We use an experiential training approach that relies on your experiences to provide