Aspiring ADR Practitioners Week 2023 – Ideal for New Practitioners and Students

“We must open the doors and we must see to it they remain open, so that others can pass through.”

– Rosemary Brown

Ideal for Students and New Practitioners

We are excited to bring back the Aspiring ADR Practitioners Week for the fifth year in a row! From August 18 to 24, with a heightened focus on learning, mentoring and networking, join us for an interactive week dedicated to engaging and supporting the up-and-coming champions of the ADR field! We aim to help new and aspiring practitioners set themselves up for success, build opportunities, make meaningful connections and springboard a thriving and impact-driven career in ADR.

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Online Speed Mentoring and Networking
This networking program, with an incredible faculty of ADR Practitioners from multifaceted professional backgrounds, will provide participants with a unique opportunity to learn and network in a focused and small group setting.

Maximizing your ADRIO Member Experience and Grow Your Network
In this robust hour, you will learn practical ways to maximize your ADRIO Member experience and grow your network. This will be a time of hearing from ADRIO staff members on “The Roadmap of Your Career: Your Unique ADR Journey.” We will be working on your action plan for your ADR career.

[Arbitration Mentor] Arbitration is more than Private Litigation
The webinar will provide an overview of the arbitration process and the role of an effective arbitrator. Topics will include:
– the appointment process and importance of full disclosure for arbitrator impartiality;
– how to manage the process before, during and after the hearing for fairness and efficiently;
– how to avoid procedural traps (and why parties should be careful what they ask for…);
– case studies that show what can happen when things go wrong.

[Mediation Mentor] Online Fireside Chat: Your Path to Effective Practice in Mediation
Join us to explore the core essentials of mediation and equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.
Topics will include:
– What’s the path to mediation?
– Self-care and Reflective Practice
– “Good Things to Know”
– Practical Tips
– Ask Me Anything (AMA)
SEPTEMBERComplimentary Professional Headshots
Due to unexpected circumstances, this event will be postponed to mid/ late September.

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