Life Isn’t Fair, So Why Should the Workplace Be?

This post is written by Tova Bar-Dayan, MIR, CHRL, WFA, an experienced workplace investigator and HR/LR Consultant at BD Investigations, who recognizes the importance of trustworthy, trauma-informed, and impartial approaches to workplace conflict.  Tova is a regular contributor on LinkedIn. How old were you the first time you learned that life isn’t fair? Most of

Recap: “The Stories ADR Professionals Tell: Challenges, Opportunities, and Tips and Techniques for Success”(Part 2/3)

This post is written by Mary Korica, an independent writer, speechwriter and editor with a long-standing interest in dispute resolution. She can be reached through Guest Speakers: Jillian Siskind (Construction Adjudicator) and Julie Gill (Mediator, Arbitrator, Coach) Moderator: Marvin Huberman (Mediator, Arbitrator, Investigator, Adjudicator) On October 24, 2023, the ADR Institute of Ontario (“ADRIO”) held the second session

The Influence of Geopolitics in ADR and Diversity in Canada

This post is written by Regina Thompson LLM (ADR), C.Med, Mediator, Advisor, Trainer, Educator, practicing in Human Rights-Workplace, Family, Child Protection, Civil, and Community. Introduction Geopolitics – international relations influenced by geographical factors[1] play a critical role in conflict management within the context of official multiculturalism. The ranking of importance of nations to Canada is determined