The ADRIO Special Interest Sections (SIS) provide members with a unique opportunity to build networks, share new ideas and experiences, promote best practices, and continuously learn and develop.

  • Section Meetings are several times a month;
  • Meetings are typically held from 5:30 – 7:30pm ET;
  • Most meetings are offered through Zoom online video conferencing;
  • Attendance is free to ADRIO members;
  • Advance online registration required

Chair of Special Interest Section Coordinating Committee: 

Natai Shelsen

List of Special Interest Sections 

Updated: July 2022

Co-Chairs: Vlad Hachinski

Conflict Management Coaching 
Co-Chairs: Cinnie Noble and Shelley Stirling-Boyes

Construction Adjudication 
Co-Chairs: Robert Bales

Chair: Shirley Nguyen

Co-Chairs: Resa Eisen and Rosanna Macri

Co-Chairs: Terry O’Brien and Eleanor White

Co-Chairs: Marc Bhalla and Colm Brannigan

Real Estate 
Chair: Femi Rufus

Restorative Justice
Chair: Alan Howard and Vanessa Slater

Chair: Suzanne Sherkin and Emily Lauzon

Online Dispute Resolution
Co-Chairs: Sarah Albo and Nasser Chahbar

If you have suggestions for section topics and/or if you would like to chair a section, please email: 

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