ADR Update (Issue 111; Summer 2023)

In the 111th issue of our ADR Update newsletter, read about workplace conflict management; insights for arbitrators from the Aroma case; practical tips for trauma-informed mediating; the digital transformation of Ontario’s alternative dispute resolution sector, and so much more!

Main Content:

  • ADRIC Update: If You Have The Time, I Can Put You to (Unpaid) Work! By Marc Bhalla
  • It’s All About Fairness By Blaine Donais
  • Wake Up & Smell the Coffee: An Aroma Case Takeaway for Practicing Arbitrators by Marc Bhalla
  • Trauma-Informed Mediating: A Primer & Practical Tips by Sharon Naipul
  • Digital Transformation of Ontario’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector: A Closer Look at ADR Stakeholders in Ontario by Pramila Javaheri
  • The Necessity of Empathy Training for Mediators by Soula Gountouvas
  • Finding Your Passion in the Field of ADR by Lea Karen Kivi

ADR Update is a long-form electronic newsletter published three times a year by the newsletter committee in collaboration with staff. To read past issues, click here.