Civil Procedure Workshop for Non-Lawyer Mediators

This online workshop covers all the basics of civil procedure in Ontario for non-lawyer mediators and goes toward fulfilling the civil procedure requirements for the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program (OMMP). It also counts towards the educational component of the Q.Med and C.Med designations.

Topics include:

  • Basic Civil Procedure: This session will cover the litigation process from start to finish, each of the steps in a lawsuit, cost implications, a glossary of legal terms, and what mediators need to know about the process;
  • Civil Procedure for Contract & Employment Claims: This session will cover legal concepts and terminology related to basic contract disputes, as well as wrongful dismissal, two of the most common file types that reach mediation;
  • Civil Procedure for Tort & Insurance Claims: This session will cover concepts and terminology specific to both insurance and personal injury claims and the various automobile insurance acts passed over the last decade.
Date August 15, 2023 (Tuesday)
Time 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Speaker Bruce Ally PhD (ABD), LLM (ADR), MA, CPMed, WFA, P.I., Cert Ombuds, Psy.D (c)
Format Online