• ensure and encourage enhanced professionalism and adherence to best practices
  • assist you in creating an “Ethical Blueprint”
  • increase awareness of mediation values
  • assist you in becoming a more reflective practitioner
  • provide a foundation for skillfully resolving ethical dilemmas that emerge in your practice

Materials include the best writings on ethics in mediation and are required reading. World renowned experts have been interviewed on camera to help bring the concepts alive for the learner.

Accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada CPD for 2.0 Professionalism hours and 6.0 Substantive hours. 

C.Meds and Q.Meds: earn 16 points towards your designation maintenance. 

The course is estimated to take approximately 6-8 hours in total (but can be done in small time increments) and is available online 24/7. No refunds or extensions.

Course Fee
Non-Members:  $150 plus your provincial HST rate.
ADRIO Member Rate:  $90 plus 11.70 HST = $101.70
ADRIO Student* Member Rate:  $50 plus 6.50 HST = $56.50
*Full-time studies only – please attach proof of enrollment from an accredited facility

Mandatory Requirements (for ADR Ontario Members only)
In order to ensure and encourage enhanced professionalism and adherence to best practices, the Ethics Course is mandatory for:

  • new ADRIO members (in addition to 40 hour mandatory training requirements) [Applicants for membership who have not yet completed the course may be granted “conditional membership” provided they begin the Course within 90 days of applying for ADRIO membership. Membership is conditional on completion of the course.]
  • new members of all ADRIO rosters
  • all members of new or re-called ADRIO rosters
  • ADRIO applicants for all Mediation designations: Qualified Mediator (Q.Med), Chartered Mediator (C.Med) and Certified Family Mediator (Cert.F.Med) [Applicants for C.Med and Q.Med will not be processed until they have completed the Ethics course.]


New members will be sent registration information and the discount code when applying for membership.

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