Listed as “Committee Name – Chair/Co-Chairs

Accreditations and Designations Coordinating Committee

  • Q.Med – Richard Moore and Colm Brannigan
  • Q.Arb – Michael Erdle
  • C.Med – Blaine Donais and Cheryl Gaster
  • C.Arb – Sander Gibson
  • Regional Course Accreditation Committee (RCAC) – Christopher Baines and Emily Lauzon

Administration Committee – Marcel Mongeon
Audit Committee – May Jolliffe and Greg Owens
Complaints Review Committee – Ad-hoc
Governance Committee – Christopher Baines
Human Resources Committee – Gary Furlong and Emily Lauzon
Membership Committee – Christopher Baines
Newsletter Committee – Barbara Benoliel
Nominating Committee – Maritza Sanchez
Professional Development and Education Committee – Kim Parish and Treena Reilkoff
Special Interest Section Coordinating Committee – Natai Shelsen