In November 2020, the following statement was approved by the ADRIO Board and sent to our members:

In Canada, systemic racism against Indigenous people, Black people and people of colour, continues to cause devastating consequences for individuals, families and communities. The ADR Institute of Ontario unequivocally condemns racism, in all its forms, as it is unjust and wrong.

Systemic racism occurs when institutions or systems create or maintain racial inequity, often as a result of hidden institutional biases in policies, practices and procedures that privilege some groups and disadvantage others.
As an alternative dispute resolution organization, ADRIO must confront the inequities of systemic racism and we commit to:

• support Members impacted by systemic racism;
• work towards breaking down barriers faced by Members from racialized communities in their ADR practices; and
• work towards diversity and inclusion within ADRIO and the broader ADR sector.

As a membership association for dispute resolution professionals, ADRIO plays a key role in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of ADR practices, through providing opportunities for continuous professional development. Part of this development must include ways to understand and address systems that work to exclude, marginalize and oppress. We will engage Members in dialogues and actions towards the above commitments and report back regularly on progress of ADRIO’s work.

ADRIO’s commitment to confront the inequities of systemic racism forms the foundation of this policy framework for diversity, equity and inclusion. This policy framework is meant to be a living document that will be enhanced over time, based on experiences built and lessons learned from its implementation.

Read the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy Framework here.