Please do not mail your applications to our head office. Please email your application to 

1. What is a Chartered Mediator (C.Med) designation?

The “C.Med” or “Chartered Mediator” designation is Canada’s most senior official designation for practising mediators.

Clarification re Footnote #4 in the C.Med Criteria
“The intended interpretation of Footnote #4 relating to a “Paid Mediation” is as follows: The criteria in Footnote #4 is intended to be applied individually to each of the 15 mediations presented by the applicant, and specifically where a mediation is not fee-paid, the RCMAC shall look at whether the mediation is demonstrably complex and involved, and may at its discretion accept the mediation being considered toward the 15 total mediations. There is no specific minimum number of fee paid mediations of the 15 total mediations required, providing this criteria is applied to each unpaid mediation.”

Use the Application for Chartered Mediator designation linked below.

2. Are there prerequisites?

The applicant must be a member of the ADR Institute of Ontario™.

There are extensive training and experience requirements which you should review before you consider applying.

3. Is there a fee for the C.Med application?

Yes, the Application Fee is $500.00 (plus HST) made payable to the ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc. This covers the costs of administering the accreditation process. This is a one-time application fee.

4. Is there an ongoing cost?

Yes. There is an annual fee to maintain your C.Med designation, payable to ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. The national organization bills you every year. You must also remain a member in good standing with the ADR Institute of Ontario™ to retain this designation.

6. How do I apply?

Forward your completed application form along with any attachments necessary to verify the courses you have taken and the work you have done (think of it as marketing yourself to the accreditation committee), to:

Please do not mail your applications to our head office. Please email your application to 

View C.Med Application Form

View C.Med Criteria