ADR Institute of Ontario and Humber College Collaborate to Unveil Research Findings on the Digital Transformation of Ontario’s ADR Sector

The ADR Institute of Ontario (ADRIO) is proud to announce the successful completion of a joint research initiative with Humber College titled “Digital Transformation of Ontario’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector: A Closer Look at ADR Stakeholders in Ontario.” The comprehensive research identified and explored various stakeholders in the ADR community across the province.

Over the past 2.5 years, ADRIO, in collaboration with Humber College, has worked with dedicated and experienced professionals in alternate dispute resolution (ADR). With the support of board members and members of ADRIO, valuable insights are discovered into the needs, challenges and opportunities for ADR practitioners in the world of the post-COVID era. The research study diversely covered various practitioners, including mediation, arbitration, facilitation, investigations and Med-Arb. The results highlight critical areas of improvement and growth in the ADR sector.

Key recommendations suggested from the research include the integration of online dispute resolution (ODR) training into existing ADR certification programs, the creation of digital platforms to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among ADR professionals, the establishment of a digital referral service to connect users and providers, and the development of partnerships with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General and educational institutions to enhance training and mentorship programs for emerging professionals. To keep up with the changing environment, ADRIO has already begun implementing some of these suggestions as part of its ongoing activities. The institute remains committed to further exploring and implementing findings and recommendations.

This research marks a milestone in the development of the ADR field and sets the stage for continued discussions and actions aimed at building a thriving ADR sector in Ontario. To access the complete research report of “Digital Transformation of Ontario’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector: A Closer Look at ADR Stakeholders in Ontario,” click here.