A Closer Look at ADR Stakeholders in Ontario

When I arrived in August 2021 in my new role as Executive Director, I learned of an exciting collaboration between ADRIO and Humber College, a research project that was about to take off with a flurry of new activity. During a pivotal time in the research timeline, I embraced the privilege of this leadership opportunity.

This research project had the important objective of “A closer look at ADR stakeholders in Ontario”. This research was in the making for 3 years as the brainchild of ADRIO and Humber College. Survey questions covered the impact of a post-covid world from the perspective of “Stakeholders” of the ADR community, their needs, challenges, identifying evolution in practices, professional training and new business development opportunities as well as recommending innovative and modern methods of virtual ADR services.

The recommendations that emerged from the research include:

• Incorporate ODR training within current ADR certification programs, curriculum and training, to solidify ODR within the dispute resolution landscape.
• Design digital platforms to share creative and business practices in the new digital ADR world, to be connectors to ADR experts, member organizations, ADR users, and new graduates, to lead the digital transformation of the ADR field.
• Establish a digital referral service that would transform and connect ADR users and providers.
• Create a digital platform for ADR professionals to provide greater opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring and networking.
• Develop and foster collaborative partnerships with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General and educational institutions with a view to enhance training and mentorship programs for new and emerging ADR professionals.
• Carry out a thorough review of the ADR services to identify potential opportunities, including mentorship programs, to attract and retain new and emerging ADR practitioners and members, specifically in the under¬ represented age demographic category of 18 and 30 years.

ADRIO intends to continue to explore each of the findings and recommendations further by sharing the information in upcoming stakeholder sessions and meetings; using the data to inform future opportunities within the sector and our next strategic plan; and to seek out further research opportunities in collaboration with other industry partners, using these recommendations as the foundation for future research.

ADRIO is pleased to unveil the report “Digital Transformation of Ontario’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Sector: A Closer Look at ADR Stakeholders in Ontario”.

We look forward to this being the continuation of many fruitful discussions and future action items to build the ADR sector for years to come.


Pramila Javaheri, C.Med, Q.Arb, WFA
Executive Director