Code of Ethics

The Code is applicable to all members of the Institute.

  1. A Member shall uphold and abide by the Rules of Conduct, regulations and other professional requirements adopted by the Institute.
  2. A Member shall not carry on any activity or conduct which could reasonably be considered as conduct unbecoming of a member of the Institute.
  3. A Member shall uphold the integrity and fairness of the arbitration and mediation processes.
  4. A Member shall ensure that the parties involved in an arbitration or mediation are fairly informed and have an adequate understanding of the procedural aspects of the process and of their obligations to pay for services rendered.
  5. A Member shall satisfy him/herself that he/she is qualified to undertake and complete an appointment in a professional manner.
  6. A Member shall disclose any interest or relationship likely to affect impartiality or which might create an appearance of partiality or bias.
  7. A Member, in communicating with the parties, shall avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.
  8. A Member shall conduct all proceedings fairly and diligently, exhibiting independence and impartiality.
  9. A Member shall be faithful to the relationship of trust and confidentiality inherent in the office of arbitrator or mediator.
  10. A Member shall conduct all proceedings related to the resolution of a dispute in accordance with applicable law.