“This is Hard News for Mediators, Coaches and Other Interveners” (October 25 Workshop)

On October 25th, join us for a Hot Full-American Networking Breakfast at the Novotel North York, followed by a jam-packed, full-day professional development workshop on Mediation and Conflict Healing, led by Betty Pries, CEO of Credence & CO.

Keywords: mediation; conflict healing; interior condition; transforming polarized thinking; emotional triangles; self in third-party role; case studies

“The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener.” Is this quote from William O’Brien true? If it is, it could be read to say, “The success of a mediation (or coaching session) depends on the interior condition of the mediator (or coach).” This is hard news for mediators, coaches and other intervenors! This workshop considers how our interior condition influences, transforms or entrenches the clients with whom we work, inviting us to sharpen our capacity as conflict healers. This PD workshop will shine a light on how we might attend to our interior condition as we walk with our clients through their hard conversations.

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