Things are always complicated in cases of High Conflict

Things are always complicated in cases of High Conflict

By Richard D. Hart, LLB, C.Arb, Director and Conflict Management Specialist

Seen the movie, Face to Face? It’s a great dramatic study of the complexities of a workplace conflict.


 “It’s a bit like working with a time bomb…I don’t know when you’re going to go off”

High conflict in groups typically presents as a confusing landscape of overlapping and apparently competing issues. Different people see things in different ways, and they use different language and conceptual maps to make sense of the landscape.

The situation in Face to Face raises a host of questions for the people involved:

  • Who is to blame?
  • Is this a ‘one off’?
  • Is there a mental health issue at play?
  • They must have something else going on in their life?
  • How did this escalate so quickly?
  • Did I miss something?
  • How do we get out of this mess?
  • What if things escalate?

The way that conflict management practitioners and advocates talk about these issues to themselves and to others, can bridge divides and assist in timely resolution – or can drive distress, confusion and divisiveness.

Messy conversations in High Conflict situations are not just messy – they’re also risky. As a mediator or an advocate, you are stepping into an already messy conversation and all eyes are on you in the work to clean up the mess and fix the situation in a way that manages those risks effectively.

Join us on October 25 and 26, when Richard Hart will lead an exploration of the challenges involved in High Conflict dynamics in groups, and also share some of the lessons the team at ProActive ReSolutions have taken from their work with clients in over 32 countries, including Global and Fortune 500s.

Don’t wait to react. Be prepared to recognize, assess and respond to High Conflict dynamics. Learn how to move from blame to uncovering what happened, the impact on individuals and groups, and how to make the situation better. Walk away with a framework and the tools that will enable you to respond in a more effective way in your next case.

It’s time to dig beneath the surface.

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