Thank You, Mena!

Since August 1986, Mena Sestito has been the warm, friendly and welcoming face and voice people encounter when they contact ADRIO. For more than three decades, ADRIO members have gained so much from Mena’s patient support and guidance. All in all, it is not an overstatement to say that Mena has borne witness to the growth and evolution of ADRIO, the ADR Sector and the ADR journeys of countless practitioners.

In order to focus exclusively on the care and well-being of her parents, Mena has recently resigned from her position, and her last day at ADRIO is November 25, 2020. I’m sad to see Mena go, but I respect her decision and I know her parents will be well served by her devotion to their care.

So that Mena does not feel rushed to respond, a special email address has been set up at for Members to send their messages to Mena, for her to read at her leisure.

I will be in touch again about an online event in November to celebrate and recognize Mena.

No doubt, Mena will leave behind a legacy of excellent member services, and a deep love and care for ADR practitioners. Please join the Board and the Staff Team in thanking Mena for her incredible service to ADRIO.


Judy Shum
Executive Director