Online Video Mediations and Arbitrations

ADRIO recommends moving to online video mediations and arbitrations during COVID-19.

In these challenging times, ADRIO, supported by ADRIC, is committed to helping its members and the legal community understand how to safely employ online video for dispute resolution.

In two new publications, ADRIO addresses the following key questions:

Online Video Mediation

  • How does one select the best videoconferencing platform?
  • Is it really as effective as an in-person mediation?
  • Will clients embrace the use of this technology?

Online Video Arbitration

  • What type of online arbitration process will best suit the dispute?
  • Is it really as effective as an in-person arbitration?
  • What about security and confidentiality?

Disputes do not go away with social distancing. ADRIO and our Members are here to lead and support the move to online video mediation and arbitration.