Learn How to Fix Harm

In our complex world there are many disputes and conflicts in different life settings that result in people being harmed. Harm can be any combination of physical, economic, social, and emotional impacts from situations and events. ADR professionals have a role to play in facilitating dialogue between persons harmed and those causing the injury and their communities. On November 26, ADRIO is hosting a highly interactive Restorative Justice Workshop that will address the important topic of repairing harm. This workshop outlines the philosophical thinking and practical skills for working with individuals and groups in restorative processes, (also known as restorative justice). This hands-on workshop session looks at different models and specifically a process of generating dialogue that gives facilitators and mediators a clear strategy for restoration. Restorative processes are useful in many areas of practice including workplaces, schools, criminal proceedings, domestic situations and community reconciliations. Participants will be asked to use skills in mock restorative sessions to gain familiarity with the practices of restorative process.

Barbara Benoliel, PhD, is uniquely qualified to speak on this subject matter.

To read more about Barbara Benoliel and to register for this workshop (space is limited!), visit, www.adr-ontario.ca/rj