Resolving disputes online is more needed now than ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges to how all kinds of disputes are tackled and resolved. If the rapid developments unfolding over this past week are indicative of what’s to come, particularly in terms of the continuous need for physical distancing, not only will existing disputes be left unresolved, new disputes are bound to arise.

As we focus our efforts to understand and cope with the challenges posed by COVID-19, we are also presented with the opportunity to enrich and amplify one facet of dispute resolution that is particularly relevant during this situation: Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

ODR is not new, and many ADR professionals across Ontario are experienced in providing their services online. People seeking ODR services can now use ADRIO’s directory to easily and quickly identify potential mediators, arbitrators and other dispute resolution professionals. Click here for a list of ADRIO Members who are experienced, equipped and ready to provide ODR services.

ADRIO is developing an ODR resource for the public. Watch out for further blog posts and social media announcements.