The following list of free event recordings are available for members and the public. For recordings of paid events, please email (Recordings are made available to the general membership and the public 2 weeks after an event; registrants receive them sooner, usually within 2 days.)

18/05/21 – Practical ODR and Best Practices – A Year in Review (ODR & Workplace Section Meeting)

20/04/21 – The Role of ADR in Insolvency and Restructuring (Business & Commercial Section Meeting)

06/04/21 – Can Baseball Arbitration be a Hit…in Med-Arb? (Med-Arb Section Meeting)

22/02/21 “Virtual Rapport: Build it, Don’t Break it” (ODR & Workplace Section Meeting)

15/12/20 “ADR for Minority Communities: Challenges and How to Overcome Them” (Diversity Section Meeting)

26/11/20 Member Appreciation 2020

17/11/20 “Not Just a Mash-Up of Mediation and Arbitration” (Med-Arb Section Meeting)

06/08/20 Construction Adjudication Section Meeting

18/06/20 Construction Adjudication Section Meeting

18/06/20 “Resolving Disputes in Long-Term Care” (Elder Section Meeting)

28/05/20 “Virtual Workplace Investigations” (Workplace Section Meeting)

25/05/20 Insurance Section Meeting Panel Discussion

21/04/20 “An Open Forum on Enhanced Med-Arb & Technology – the ODR Option” (Med-Arb Section Meeting)

14/04/20 “When COVID-19 can and cannot be invoked to excuse non-performance of contractual obligations” with Marvin Huberman

07/04/20 “Excellence in Coaching and Mediation: Does Practice Make Perfect?” (Conflict Management Coaching Section Meeting)

19/02/20 “How to Get to the Heart of the Issue” Panel Discussion (Workplace Section Meeting)

14/01/20 “The Good Fight” with Liane Davey (Conflict Management Coaching Section Meeting)

“ADRIO at the Table with…” Podcast

Ep 1- ADRIO at the Table with: Aspiring ADR Practitioners

Ep 2- ADRIO at the Table with: Verlyn Francis