ADRIO President Signs MOU with ADRIC

On January 30th, 2019 the ADR Institute of Ontario’s Board of Directors met for the first Board Meeting of the new year. We are pleased to announce that at this meeting, the Directors approved and voted for ADRIO to adopt the new Memorandum of Understanding with the ADR Institute of Canada. 

With collaboration, diversity, mutual accountability, national scope, respect and transparency as the core guiding principles, ADRIO and ADRIC share the following common objectives:

  • to increase and improve the understanding, acceptance and use of ADR by the public, business, academia and government;
  • to ensure excellence and quality in the practice of ADR, including expansion of the recognition and use of ADR professional designations;
  • to provide excellent services to all stakeholders; and
  • to maximize the benefits of the relationship between ADRIO, other affiliates and ADRIC.

ADRIO President, Marvin Huberman, signed the MOU at the ADRIO Office on Thursday, February 14, 2019.