ADRIO’s Submission – Attorney General’s Consultation on Mandatory Mediation and Single-Judge Proceedings

Earlier in August, ADRIO was invited by The Honourable Doug Downey, Attorney General of Ontario, to provide input and perspective on legislative potential changes to the mandatory mediation program and a single-judge model in the Superior Court of Justice.

Over the last few weeks, ADRIO’s Board Directors and I worked closely together to develop our responses to the Attorney General’s questions. Today, our submission was sent to the Ministry of the Attorney General, and I’m pleased to share it with all Members:

Mandatory Mediation – The View of ADRIO

Please join me in conveying thanks to our Board Directors, and in particular, Joan Cass – President, Marcel Mongeon – Vice President/President Elect, and Marvin Huberman – Past President, for their contributions to the development of ADRIO’s submission.


Judy Shum
Executive Director, ADRIO