Join us in welcoming the autumn season with The 100th Issue of ADR Update. This edition is full of important, current and thought-provoking content for ADR Professionals. As we transition into a new season, this newsletter is a great source of updated information regarding the Institute and the ADR conversation at large.

In this issue:

  • “The Future of ADR is EDR” by Marvin Huberman
  • “The Future of ADR is More Change” by Barbara Benoliel
  • “Mediators Focus on Everyone…Except Themselves!” Marc Bhalla
  • “Coping with Secular Bias in Mediation” by Hayley Rose Glaholt
  • “The ‘Secrets’ of Managing Confrontational and Aggressive Behaviour” by Kevin Stapley
  • “Surprise at Small Claims Court: Mediation the Morning of Trial” by Jennifer Egsgard
  • “Open with Strength: The Power of Opening Remarks in Mediation” by Marshall Schnapp
  • “Restorative Justice in Haiti” by Martina Paloheimo

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