Dear ADRIO Member,

ADRIO is currently reviewing its Governance structures and processes with bylaw changes to be voted on by members at the 2021 AGM. It is possible that there could be changes to Bylaws setting out terms of office and board size prior to 2023.

Members applying for nomination as a candidate for election to the Board of Directors pursuant to ADRIO’s By-Law No.1 Section 11, should note the following:

  • The Board of Directors is composed of twenty (20) Directors.
  • At the 2021 Annual General Meeting, ten (10) Directors are to be elected. These ten (10) Directors will have a two (2) year term of office from the date of the 2021 Annual General Meeting until the second Annual General Meeting after such election.
  • The ten (10) Directors to be elected at the 2021 Annual General Meeting will be determined by the Scrutineers who will count the votes cast by ballots and select:
  • two (2) nominees from outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the largest aggregate number of votes, and;
  • eight (8) nominees whether from within or outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with the largest aggregate number of votes.

You will find the nomination form here (please note: this is an interactive form in Microsoft Word format, so you will need to download the form to your computer first; the download button is at the top right corner).

You can view the expectations for Directors and a list of current Board committees here. Biographical information provided by nominees will be shared with members as attachments to the ballot for the election.

Please note the following requirements of the nomination process:

  • The nominee and nominators must be members in good standing. The nomination must contain the written assent of the nominee.
  • Completed nomination forms must be received no later than 5 pm on Monday, April 19, 2021

The ADRIO 36th Annual General Meeting is on June 3, 2021, 9:00am to 10:00am; register for the meeting here.

The 3-day Professional Development Conference, Adapting in the Moment: Creating an Impact in Unprecedented Times, will start at 12:00pm on June 3, 2021; read the conference brochure and register here.

Yours very truly,

Joan Cass, MSW, Q.Med
President, ADR Institute of Ontario, Inc.