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Upcoming Events

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Things are always complicated in cases of High Conflict

Things are always complicated in cases of High Conflict By Richard D. Hart, LLB, C.Arb, Director and Conflict Management Specialist Seen the movie, Face to Face? It’s a great dramatic study of the complexities of a workplace conflict. WATCH THIS CLIP:  “It’s a bit like working with a time bomb…I don’t know when you’re

ADR Update Newsletter Fall 2017 Edition

Fall is a busy time of year, and a lot is happening at ADRIO! The Newsletter Committee is pleased to present ADR Update, Fall 2017 edition. In this issue, you’ll find: President’s Message by Jennifer Bell, C.Med Called to Action (pt. 1): ADRIO’s Path to Truth and Reconciliation by Cathy Wills, MA (Conflict Studies), C.Med,

The 5 Powerful Phases of Workplace Restoration

Shifting from Workplace Investigation to Restoration By Blaine Donais, B.A., LL.B, LL.M., RPDR, C.Med The world of work is rapidly evolving.  When I wrote the book “Workplaces That Work” in 2005, many challenged the concept that we could work towards fairness in the workplace.   But fast-forward to the year 2017 and we now have

Learn About the Expanding Role of Med-Arb

Developed as part of a unique partnership, this joint ADRIO/FDRIO/OsgoodePD program will provide a forum for discussion focusing on broadening the skills of those currently working in med-arb and provide a wealth of information for those contemplating a career in med-arb or those who simply work in dispute resolution and need a grounding of the concepts. As

Understand How Workplace Culture and Conflict Works

In Collaboration with The Workplace Fairness Institute     |     November 13 – 17, 2017, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM This program combines a three day workplace mediation offering with a two day Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification process. Enroll and better equip yourself to practice workplace conflict management in all its varieties. See the