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A one-day Program also available as Day Three of the Course on Conflict and Dispute Resolution Skills:- Panel on Conflict Resolution Practitioner Skills (Aspects of Conflict Engagement – Conflict Coaching, Executive Conflict Coaching, Appreciative Enquiry; Understanding Attribution Theory and Its Correlation to Conflict; The Restorative Practice Model for Intervention). Clinic on Multi-Party Facilitation.

Instructors:- Kimberly Bain; Paula Heinemann; Judy Tetlow; Meaghan Welfare.


Learn Mediation Concepts and Techniques, with experienced Coaches for Mediation Skills Training. On Day Three, choice of electives:- participation in sessions of  Programs on Negotiation Skills or Conflict Resolution in the Workplace  on November 5.

Instructors,  Days One & Two:- John Curtis; Sandra Howgate; Ronald Price; Mediation Coaches.


A one-day Conference/Workshop, also available as Day Three of the Course on Skills Development for the Mediator and Conflict Resolution Practitioner. Reference:- See posting for Workplace Conflict Resolution Group on the Mediation Centre’s web site.

Instructors:- Kimberly Bain; John Curtis; Neil Donnelly; Meaghan Welfare.

Mediation Beyond the Basics

Course Date: Nov 6,7, & 8, 2017.

Course Location: London, Ontario

Description: Take your mediation skills to a new level. This second level course builds on the skills and techniques taught in our basic mediation course. Small group coaching is provided so that participants have the opportunity to apply the concepts to the reality of resolving conflict.

Participants will:

  • Develop skills to manage the emotional climate.
  • Build assertion and other communication skills critical for a conflict resolver.
  • Develop strategies for roadblocks.
  • Apply the mediation model in typical conflict situations.

Early registration discount available. Course fee includes materials.

The course is available only for those who have successfully completed Fundamentals of Mediation at Munn Conflict Resolution Services or an equivalent mediation course approved by the ADR Institute of Ontario.

Name and Credentials of Instructor: KATHRYN MUNN, LL.B., Cert. ConRes., C. Med., C. Arb. is a mediator and instructor with over 20 years experience.


Link: Click here

Conflict Management Coaching

CINERGY® Coaching offers programs online, by telephone, as well as 4-day in-person Conflict Management Coaching Workshops. Upcoming in person workshops are currently scheduled for Toronto (November 20-23, 2017) and Ottawa (November 20-23, 2017), with more dates TBA.

Conflict management coaching is a one-on-one technique in which a trained coach assists people to independently manage specific disputes or to strengthen their conflict management skills. This process may also be used to prepare individuals to participate in mediation and negotiation. Conflict management coaching may be used in any context in which clients want assistance to better engage in conflict.

For more information and to register: or contact us at

Master’s Degree (LLM) in Dispute Resolution

Course Date:
Fall 2017

Course Location:
Osgoode Professional Development
1 Dundas Street West, 26th Floor
Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3

Description (Max 100 words):
This highly lauded two-year, part-time Professional LLM program balances theory and practice to create a unique learning experience. Students will have the chance to step outside the existing limitations of traditional conflict resolution processes and explore new approaches to resolving disputes. Students will also explore underlying causes of conflict among people and organizations; examine the methods available to resolve conflicts; learn to function more effectively when resolving conflict as a representative or a neutral; and, improve their analysis, problem-solving and negotiation skills.

Name and Credentials of Instructor:
Program Directors:
Leslie H. Macleod – Adjunct Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School and Founder, Leslie H. Macleod & Associates D. Paul Emond – Associate Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School


Advanced Mediation

Course Dates: Dec 4, 5, 6, 2017

Course Location: London, Ontario

Description: You have taken basic mediation courses.

You want an opportunity to refresh, recharge and continue to build your conflict management and mediation skills.

  • Enhance your knowledge of mediation theory
  • Refine your conflict resolution techniques
  • Boost your mediation skills with coaching from a professional mediator in a supportive, small group learning environment

Early registration discount available. Course fee includes materials.

This course is available only to those who have completed at least 60 hours of basic mediation courses such as our two courses, Fundamentals of Mediation and Mediation Beyond the Basics.

Name and Credentials of Instructor: KATHRYN MUNN, LL.B., Cert. ConRes., C. Med., C. Arb. is a mediator and instructor with over 20 years experience.


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Family Law 101 – Property

Instructor: Lorne Wolfson & Dr.Barbara Landau
Location:         Online
Contact:          Anne Sayers at 1-888-595-5534 or (416) 391-3110 or
Upcoming Dates: Anytime


Course Date (s): Varied.

Course Location:  Waterloo, Conrad Grebel University College, affiliated with the University of Waterloo (some workshops held in Toronto)
Description: This unique professional development program, offers 1 – 7 day(s) length workshops in Conflict Management and Mediation.  Individual workshops can be taken for interest only or complete a certificate (minimum 133 hours) which can fulfil the educational component for an ADRIO Qualified Mediator or Chartered Mediator application.  Elective topics include Conflict Coaching, Commercial Mediation, Peacemaking Circles Training and Narrative Mediation.  We partner with Agree Inc., to offer Dispute Resolution Level 1 & Level 2, as the ADRIO approved 40 hour workshop required for membership.  All trainers are experienced practitioners in their subject area.

Program Manager:  Susan Baker