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Building on the success of our offering in 2015, ADRIO is pleased to invite you to a two-part, interactive workshop conducted by Richard Hart, well-known internationally for his extensive experience with groups affected by high conflict and conflict associated behaviours such as bullying, harassment and violence.

To accommodate the amount of material to be covered, we have revised the offering this year, making it a 2-part workshop. Participants who did not attend in 2015 should attend both Parts 1 and 2. Participants who attended 2015 are welcome to only register for Part 2.

Participants will gain a set of practical concepts, tools, processes and practices that can help people make sense of and address high conflict scenarios in a wide range of group contexts – including workplaces, governance bodies, higher learning institutions, families and family businesses, communities, and criminal and law enforcement settings.

Richard Hart is a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, and founding director of ProActive ReSolutions, a boutique consultancy focusing on workplace conflict and conduct issues. ProActive has worked with organizations in over 32 countries, including Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as local, state and national government agencies. Richard has led some of ProActive’s largest engagements, and has developed a particular expertise in dealing with high conflict dynamics involving harassment, bullying, threats and violence. He presents frequently on these topics.

Richard’s previous career as a litigator included an extensive family law practice.

Eligible CPD Hours: LSUC (ON): 12 hours 30 minutes (4h 30m professionalism, 8h substantive).
Lawyers and paralegals must determine for themselves whether an activity is an eligible educational activity for CPD and qualifies for Substantive Hours.



Part 1 [9 AM – 4 PM October 25, 2017]
• The Challenges: the complexity of high conflict in groups
• Conflict Ladder: the range of high conflict behaviours in groups
• The Cause of High Conflict Behaviours: moving beyond the Fundamental Attribution Error
• The Incident Map: talking about multiple incidents of behaviour
• Conflict vs. Dispute Model: a framework for assessing and responding
• The Escalation Map: linking the what, when and why
• Straight Talk: preparing people to engage about incidents
• RJ for All? applying restorative justice principles to high conflict in groups

Part 2 [9 AM – 4 PM October 26, 2017]
• The Transition to Violence: dynamics of  violence
• Warning Signs of Violence: what to watch out for, how to make sense of the information
• Awareness ? Action: what to do, who’s responsible for doing it
• Linking Risk to ADR Practice: risk-informed best practices for managing the process while taking risk into account
• Weaving Processes Together: how and when to transition between processes, including

o RJ & ADR
o Investigation
o Triage
o Threat assessment
o Mental health assessment
o Return to work

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