Get Involved! Let us know how you can help advance ADRIO™!

The ADRIO™ committees are an essential part of its foundation.  The ADR Institute of Ontario™ is honoured to have exceptionally gifted and dedicated volunteers who lead our important committees to support our Board in achieving our Strategic Plan.

Our Standing Committees are charged with a variety of mandates including the creation of events or publications, responses to public issues or complaints, improvement of our technology or the review and maintenance of best practices.

Our ad hoc committees, task forces or working groups are short-term committees struck to address specific tasks and issues which may be too numerous and/or complex to be handled by the whole Board. These groups cease when the activities are completed.

All of these groups and committees do much of the research and planning on a given topic then provide recommendations to the Board for approval to further ADRIO’s interests and outreach. The Board relies on and appreciates volunteers’ expertise, time and commitment.

What are your skills and interests? We encourage YOU to consider joining our committees.  For more information, please contact

We thank ADRIO™ Committee Members for their ongoing dedication and service.

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